Ready to eat pork products

The pork products we offer are made of high-quality meat. We make sure that the cheeks, pâtés, canned food and semi-ready meals offered retain their natural aroma and taste, which is why we use a minimal amount of functional additives in our recipes. Michna Food products are characterised by a high meat content - approx. 99% (depending on the product type). Our pork is certified and comes from a proven and trusted producer. The pâtés we produce are packed in glass containers or in barrier foil, and the canned food is pasteurised and sterilised.

What meat products do we offer?

The high quality of our products is supervised by a team of specialists responsible for the purchase of raw materials and natural additives as well as hygiene and quality control of production processes. We care about constant and direct contact with the customer. We produce pâtés and canned food that are perfect as quick and tasty snacks. We also offer semi-ready dinners which are wholesome dishes, e.g. meat in natural juices. All products are prepared in a traditional way, and the improved production process allows us to maintain the taste and aroma of homemade meals. In this way, we provide our customers with ready-to-eat and healthy products. Our products are also perfect for preparing for various types of occasional parties or dinner for guests.

Semi-ready meals and healthy food

Semi-ready meals made of natural ingredients and without preservatives are just as good as wholesome meals prepared at home. At Michna Food, we attach great importance to the smooth running of each stage of the production process - from the selection of ingredients, through to preparation and to packaging. Many years of experience in the meat industry and the support of a selected team of specialists has allowed us to establish procedures guiding the development of the Michna Food brand. Our customers are very interested in pork cheeks in sauce, which could have been prepared by you in your own home. The meat is properly parboiled, packed, served and secured. This allows us to provide you with only the highest quality products.

For busy people who like traditional flavours, we have prepared luncheon meat. As a producer of canned food, we care about high meat content and traditional recipes enriched with aromatic spices.

Our offer includes: