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Michna Food is a producer of meat products from Pelplin, creating products that taste great when served both hot and cold. Our products prove themselves to be the basic ingredient of everyday breakfasts and lunches, and an addition to glass of wine in the evening. They are characterised by delicacy, which is possible thanks to Michna Food's vast experience in the meat industry. We manufacture products containing approx. 99% high-quality pork with appropriate nutritional values. The meat in our products comes from the sister company, certified and widely appreciated in the country and Europe.

What meat products do we offer?

The products offered by Michna Food are very popular among customers from the hospitality industry due to the appropriate composition of the products and their aesthetically pleasing packaging and serving style, thanks to which preserves and pâtés can decorate breakfast tables and more. Our range includes delicious pork pâtés and luncheon meat, which are perfect as tasty snacks. Our speciality in the category of semi-ready meals is pork cheeks in natural juices, containing natural collagen - having a beneficial effect on the proper functioning of the musculoskeletal system. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the other products in our range.

How do we prepare pork products?

Michna Food offers traditional meat products made according to recipes developed over the years. They do not contain preservatives and are distributed in glass, foil or aluminium packaging. In production, we use technology that allows us to obtain meat products of various weights and types, depending on the needs of our customers. This makes us flexible. The entire process is carried out in accordance with the standards of the integrated production management system. Thanks to a modern microbiological laboratory, we are able to perform our own research and analysis of products. The combination of traditional flavours and modern production methods allows us to provide our customers with delicious, healthy, high-quality products with a very high meat content and visible richness.

Meals made of the highest quality pork

Michna Food is a family business with many years of tradition. In the 1920s Konstanty Michna opened a meat products plant that gave birth to the Michna brand. It influenced the creation of future brands operating on the market today: Michna Meat and Michna Food. Michna Meat is a leading producer of fresh pork in Poland, and Michna Food prepares pork pâtés, canned food and semi-ready meals.

We offer meat products of the highest quality, with high levels of flavour and nutritional values. Pork is valued for its wholesome protein, supply of amino acids and vitamins: A, D and those from group B. The preserves produced in our company allow you to quickly prepare a healthy, balanced meal.

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