Pâté spreads - be convenient

Nowadays, most of us don't have time for long hours of cooking, even if we really like it. Fortunately, however, there are meals that can be prepared in a few moments and that really stimulate our taste buds. One of them is pâté spread. This delicious, nutritious and healthy meal is a proposition for every busy person. Find out why you should choose it!

Excellent composition

Pâté spread can be made at home. This way, you can be sure that it is distinguished by excellent quality, and all the ingredients come from known and safe sources. Products such as fresh meat, aromatic spices and Polish vegetables, mainly onions and garlic, are the secrets of culinary success. In addition, at home, we can choose spices and their quantities according to our own tastes. However, preparing a spread yourself is not the only option. Our website provides ready-made suggestions that, thanks to their quality and taste, are 100% identical to homemade ones. Each of our products is made on the basis of carefully selected ingredients that come from reliable suppliers. The recipe itself, according to which we make the spread, is a traditional recipe, enriched with new additives. Our pâté spreads combined with fresh, crusty bread is a heavenly treat! It spreads easily and can be served both hot and cold. It is a great snack that tastes good both on its own and, among other things, with pickled cucumber.

Pâté spreads - a convenient option

Pâté spreads are perfect for a variety of flavour compositions. They can be used as the basis for a delicious breakfast for the whole family, as an exquisite addition to lunch, or as part of a dinner with friends. Few people know that pâté spreads have been served on foreign tables for many years. They are appreciated, among other places in France, where they are considered a real delicacy. It is in this style that we will make our original creamy Pâté line of products. This makes us all the more willing to reach for Polish options that we have at our fingertips. Pâté spread is a delicious, rich-tasting composition that is also very convenient to use. The handy form of a jar or a small package means that we can enjoy its advantages in every situation. The product is great both at home and at work, or during a longer trip. Our spreads are also dedicated to people who are in a constant hurry and are looking for ready-made, wholesome meals.

Delicious suggestions

If you are looking for new tastes that will make every day different, choose your favourite pâté from a wide range of options. Try them all to see which product best suits your taste. For fans of delicate combinations, we offer, among other things, a perfect pork pâté made of fresh, carefully selected meat, delicate spices and fresh vegetables. Another option is wild boar pâté with the addition of mushrooms, especially the most valued ones, i.e. Polish porcini mushrooms and truffles. They give the whole dish a unique taste and smell that spreads throughout the house. For enthusiasts of unusual and refreshing combinations, we offer surprising pâtés with fruit. We are introducing many new products for you to enjoy and not to be found anywhere else on the Polish market.