Pork pâtés

Pork pâtés produced by Michna Food are made of high-quality meat and have a perfect consistency, which is due to the way they are prepared. We sell them in elegant glass jars, which guarantees not only convenient serving, but also the storing the product. Michna Food, as a producer of pâtés, is introducing a new look for this classic meat product. The pork pâtés we offer are not only high-quality food products, but also have an unusual serving style. The glass container makes the meal look elegant. The empty jar can then be washed and used for homemade preserves.

A snack for every occasion

We provide you with the best quality pâtés that will satisfy demanding tastes, including those of premium product gourmets. Thanks to modern production methods, our pâtés do not need to be stored in the refrigerator prior to opening, which means that they can be kept in pantries and cabinets. They are perfect for breakfast, lunch or an after-work snack. They are also perfect for long evenings, when you can enjoy their delicate, delicious taste. It is also worth having a jar of pork pâté in case of unexpected guests, as in the case of preserved meat for a trip or other travls

Truly homemade pâtés

The recipe for a traditional homemade pâté is not that hard to come by. Only the cooking can be problematic - various types of meat prepared in the right proportions must be ground several times and then seasoned. It often turns out that pâté prepared at home does not rise evenly, is too dry, parched, crumbly and not creamy enough. Therefore, to meet the expectations of customers, we have introduced a pâté that always tastes good and has the right texture. You only have to open the jar to taste it, eat it and get some more Michna Food products.