Pork cheek in sauce - cooked at a low temperature

Pork cheek in sauce cooked at a low temperature is a ready-made meal prepared using fresh meat. Packed in a sealed package, it is able to retain all its flavour and aromatic properties until eaten. The meat is prepared according to a traditional recipe with the use of suitable natural additives and spices. It delights with its taste, is also healthy and allows you to prepare wholesome meals that can be used as the main dish of the day. The final process of preparing pork cheek for consumption depends on the individual preferences of the customer.

What does it mean if meat is cooked at a low temperature?

The low temperature cooking of meat is called the sous vide method which, translated from French, means preparing a meal in a vacuum. This method allows us to bring out the depth of flavour and aroma from the pork. Since the meat is cooked for a long time at a temperature not exceeding 85oC, it properly absorbs all spices and herbs and acquires the ideal level of tenderness. Moreover, it does not lose natural juices that have a huge impact on the taste of the meal. An additional advantage of the sous vide method is the extended shelf life of the product.

Michna Food makes every effort to ensure that the production of pork cheeks is at the highest possible level. Properly parboiled, packed and protected against external factors, the meal is ready for consumption in just a few moments. They are a dinnertime variant of pork cheek in natural juices intended for sandwiches. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the other products in our range.