Pork cheek in natural juices

Pork cheeks in their own sauce are a hit product produced in the Michna Food plant. Every day, thanks to the fresh meat delivered from Michna's sister plant, we prepare excellent products characterised by depth of flavour, delicacy and meatiness. We seal them in tight glass jars, where the “cleanliness of the label” is confirmed by the lack and/or minimal amount of functional additives. When preparing the meal, we only use natural spices, including allspice or onion, and the so-called layer (natural juice - jelly) is made of natural collagen.

Sandwich meat

Pork cheek in natural juices is perfect for sandwiches. They will surely appeal to all lovers of traditional Polish food. They have a distinct flavour and are extremely filling. They go perfectly with pickled cucumber or other vegetables, both marinated and fresh. Pork cheeks are an interesting alternative to standard cold cuts and are extremely nutritious. Since they do not contain artificial flavours or enhancers, they are completely healthy for our customers.