Meat in sauce

Meat in sauce is a semi-ready meal of excellent quality, based on a traditional recipe. Prepared using fresh, finely chopped and properly seasoned pork meat, it delights with its excellent taste. It is also characterised by high nutritional quality - the use of natural spices and additives means that after the final processing (heating) you get a wholesome meal that is ready to be eaten in a very short time.
Michna Food's meat in sauce is the perfect idea for a family dinner and for guests. It is an interesting alternative to pork cheek cooked at a low temperature. It allows you to create not only delicious, but also exquisite meals. Thanks to appropriate packaging, it guarantees a long shelf life and stays fresh until opened. At the same time, it does not contain any chemical additives.

Serving suggestion

There are many possibilities for serving pork in natural juices. It tastes great with both baked and mashed potatoes. An interesting solution may also be to serve it with fries. Thanks to the natural juices, the meat will also perfectly match rice and various types of groats. The perfect complement to the meal will be a light salad, e.g. with cucumber and tomatoes, which, combined with pork, creates an unusual composition that will delight even the greatest fans of traditional Polish cuisine.