Luncheon meat and preserved meat

Ready-made products are quick and perfect ideas for a tasty snack during the day. At Michna Food, we pay great attention to high-quality meals. The luncheon meats we offer in the form of preserved meats are a perfect way to conveniently satisfy hunger while on various outdoor trips, camping and more. They also work well as quick breakfast meals and snacks for busy people who appreciate the high quality of the meat product they eat.

Preserved food in cans and jars

Our offer includes preserved food packed in cans or jars with a decorative Michna Food label. They are characterised by high meat content. Our luncheon meats are another product, next to pork cheeks or pork pâtés, which distinguishes us as a producer of ready-made products on the market. Michna Food offers not only products with the best composition, free of chemical additives, but also very aesthetically pleasing packaging. The meat in our products comes from our sister company, Michna Meat, where each day fresh, high-quality meat is obtained, just perfect for the production of Michna Food products.

The original recipe, a strictly guarded secret in our company, enables the long shelf life of pork luncheon meat and even the possibility of storing it at room temperature. We only use fresh meat, natural ingredients and spices in the production of prepared meat products.

What distinguishes our preserved pork?

Michna Food's preserved meat allows you to quickly prepare a tasty feast in the privacy of your home. All you need is a fresh baguette and your favourite accompaniments to turn an ordinary dinner into a traditional old-style Polish feast. The high content of good-quality pork meat makes the meal filling, and the traditional taste distinguishes this product from seemingly similar, low-quality products available on the market with a low meat content and significant amounts of chemical flavour enhancers.
Convenient storage and easy serving make Michna Food products a great choice. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the other products in our range.